Pop Pixie is a spin-off series based on Winx Club featuring the Pixies from Winx Club as main characters. It was first aired in 2010, and consists of 52 episodes of thirteen minutes. The fairies don't appear in the series.

Overview Edit

In a quiet and secluded corner of the Magical Universe, there is a very special dimension, a miniature world populated by Gnomes, Elves, talking Animals... and above all by Pixies. The town they live in is Pixieville, and it is here that Pixies go out about their extraordinary daily lives using the incredible magic of the MagicPops, the magical globes of the Tree of Life.

The MagicPops, magical globes that contain positive magic grows on the Tree of Life. When a Pixie uses her talent wisely for the good of all, she may receive a Magic Pop to become a PopPixie.

Pop pixie power

Episodes Edit

See Episode List for a complete list of episodes.