Piff is the youngest of the group.

Personality ProfileEdit

Even though she does not speak very well everyone still understands her.

Appearance Edit

Civilian Edit

Piff's Pop Pixie Civilian Outfit seems to be the same as her original design, only without her nightcap

Transformation Edit

Piff wears a yellow frilled tank top with light colored sleeve pieces, a multi-ruffled pink skirt, and pink slip on shoes with green ballerina styled lacing up her legs reaching all to her knees. On her hair she wears a fuchsia-pink bow on each bun.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Her power is to spread the desire to sleep with a contagious yawning, making her enemies including Narcissa fall asleep.


For Piff's "Meet the Pixie's" Commercial, since she was just a baby, subtitles were provided so viewers can read what she was saying