Martino is Caramel’s twin brother and he is the barman at Molly Moo. Famous for his skill and the spectacular way he prepares drinks, milk shakes and fruit cocktails, Martino puts the same energy into everything he does, both at work and in his everyday life. Combative and determined, he manages to get results that are sweet and absolutely delicious. Martino is a hot-headed amusing hurricane. His MagicPop power is acrobatics, balancing and incredible strength. In action, he jumps in incredible circles and carries out reckless actions. His aim is awesome and he can hit spectacular targets. In his everyday life, the power of the magic globe helps him to lift and carry heavy weights.  Martino loves to shows off and is very proud of his hair tuft that he combs, sleeks down and admires often. He has a very strong character and likes be in the limelight. This clashes with the more reserved nature of Caramel. Despite their differences, the twins are very close and protects each other.
Phobia: Martino’s heel of Achilles is pineapple juice to which he is allergic. Just a sip of pineapple juice knocks him out flat and confuses him.
PopPixie Power: The PopPixie of Acrobatic Feats.