Being the second youngest of the pixies, Her feelings get easily hurt. Lockette is a sensible and cautious Pixie is meticulous and tidy.. Her friends know her well and try not to upset her, with the exception of Chatta though who enjoys upsetting Lockette and She is Bloom bonded pixie Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a Pop Pixie, her power increase and she can open magic portals.


Lockette's civilian outfit consist of a light pink tee-shirt with a green collar and button section, a multi-layered pink skirt going darker in tone on each layer, with a band-like belt at the top being a dark magenta color. Pink ruffled cuffs on each wrist, an upside down green-yellow heart shaped key in her hair, and below the knee light purple socks and green shoes.

Lockette's pop pixie transformation has a hair clip on the right side of her head. She wears a purple dress with many ruffled pieces of cloth and a green ribbon in the center. She gains lilac see-through gloves that end at her elbow with flowery pieces, along with green sandals with a single purple flower piece and blue platforms. Her wings are light blue, light purple, and silvery-pink. Edit