Livy is the pixie of messages. In Poppixie she is a boy,but in Winx Club she is girl

Livy is the fastest pixie and is hard to catch; some people believe that she has the ability of super speed. Her folded message surf board can sense if someone needs to send a message. Livy is the pixie that is mostly shown to have a family; Charmy is her cousin and Jolly is her older sister. She is can forgetful sometimes

Appearance Edit

When he transformed into a poppixie , Livy resembles a Dragon Fly. He wears a blue tee-shirt with lighter blue and multiple colors striped in; blue pants with green on the outside, and blue, white, and orange boots/shoes with matching armbands. Livy also has on a blue-lilac V shaped piece on his head with a small orange center and a dark blue half-circle on both sides of his head with lime green and orange on them, almost resembling eyes.

Civilian Edit

Other than having smoother hair, Livy appears the same as her Winx Club self. She wears a blue t shirt and white shorts.


Poppixie Edit

In episode 2, he earns his MagicPop she turns into the pixie of super speed. He helped Amore while she was a fish from a fish who wanted to kiss Amore.His magic pop is white and its with blue swirls