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Character Information
Voiced By Carrie Finlay (credited as "Carey Finaly", English)
Species Pixies
Powers and Abilities Weather
Pop Pixie of Weather
Pop Pixie
Associated Pet Lulù the Cat
Phobia The Bank Manager, Gnome Grind who torments Cherie to convince her to open a savings account with him.
Talent Reflex Power (Can change the weather according to her mood)

Cherie is a Poppixie character. She is the richest Pixie in Pixieville who lives in a gorgeous villa. Lulù (an elegant and very efficient cat), her personal assistant, accompanies Cherie everywhere. Cherie does not work because she does not need to.


Cherie is a bizarre, capricious and unpredictable but likable Pixie, whose main interest in life is going on wild shopping sprees. Though very vain, she can also be generous with her friends, sharing everything she has with them. Cherie gets bored very easily so she needs to be kept constantly entertained with something different and amusing.

Appearance Edit


Cherie normally wears a pink ruffled tanktop along with silver braclets with small roses on them,a magenta and red themed multi-layer skirt. She wears red heels.She is rich


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